Friday, August 3, 2018

Two free books for my awesome series readers until August 6th

Two free books for my awesome series readers until August 6th XOXO

Enjoy the ride XOXOXO 


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Feeding Trolls

Author 101

I had someone ask me for my best advice, this is what I wrote and they told me to post it. It's funny but honest.
You look at Amazon and 60% of your reviews are gone. Get pissed off, that's cool. Vent with some friends and suck it up, because they're going to do it again in 6 months. They did the same thing to Rick Riordan. Famous Authors also have reviews removed.
Twitter purge comes and the work feels pointless. Well, you've got to eat that too. Katy Perry lost millions of followers. Are you better than Katy Perry? Nobody is, she's a sparkly unicorn being.
Now, if you're feeling really self-deprecating, go check out your book's Amazon reviews in another country. You're happy with most but then you see a 1 star...Wow. Ouch man. You read the review because, you're here, so you must be up for some self-loathing. That one stung a little.
Now, this is where you stalk their account so you can see what they're saying about other authors. I promise you 99% of the time, it'll look like you should feel honored to be part of this wack jobs 10,000 author slander campaign. How legit is this review? Can someone really do this? Yes, they totally can and there's a 100% chance it's the one review that will live on in infamy. This is where you go and check to see how many people liked their reviews. It's in big print. You notice there are only 140 likes. Weird...So, 9,860 people did not like your review. This is where I usually have to fight the urge to passive-aggressively apologize for sucking so bad. I'm Canadian. It's a thing. You'll probably want to comment but you can't! Don't you dare! Slowly back away from your computer. If you feed the trolls they do worse things.

Epic Stephen King Novel

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sacrificial Lamb Time

Everyone was scrambling around? On the screen, Zach was being saved by Triad.
Marisa came at her with her gun drawn. She announced, “Well, it appears that we’ve lost some of our bartering tools, but I still have one person you care about.”
It was sacrificial lamb time. Kayn removed the pack of matches from her bra, struck one and exclaimed, “I’ve covered myself in accelerant and you’ve pissed me off.” She lit herself on fire as a glorious blazing F-U to Abaddon. She became an inferno of agony. Her senses were shrieking as Grey took her hand and sucked the flames into himself with a deep breath. He used his ability to spray fire from his free hand, scorching every Abaddon in the room. Some managed to dive out of the way and scamper out of the barn.
With Marisa’s mortal shell fully engulfed in flames, she emptied her gun’s chamber into Grey. He crumpled to the floor, breaking their connection. Marisa grasped Kayn’s charcoaled sizzling blistered arms as she breathlessly hissed, “Send me through the hall of souls!”

Kayn coldly stated, “Never.” She sunk to her knees as the pain abruptly ceased. Kayn raised her eyes to the door and locked eyes with Kevin’s as she lost consciousness.