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Something Wicked? #WickedThing #childrenofankhseries


They all raided the vending machines, because that was really the only option and then wandered upstairs to find a room. They were exhausted after being kidnapped and strung up in a storage container in the swelteringly hot desert. Lexy was tired for other reasons. The healing job she’d done before having to scale the wall of a ravine and then spending the day wandering aimlessly through the desert while seriously energy deprived had done her in. She was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. After they’d chosen their room, Lexy kicked off her flip flops, looked at Grey and flirtatiously said, “Want to have a shower?”

   He blankly shrugged and answered, “Sounds like a plan.”
   She got up to follow him and when she turned the knob, he’d locked the bathroom door. That was weird. Maybe, he was just too exhausted to even contemplate it? Lexy stretched out on the bed and closed her eyes, planning to rest them for only a second and she fell into a deep comatose slumber.
   She opened her eyes in the darkened room and heard the rhythmic soothing sound of Grey’s steady breathing. Lexy smiled as she realized that she’d fallen asleep without bathing. Usually, Grey would have at least given her a sponge bath but last night he hadn’t. He must have been absolutely wiped. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and padded barefoot across the carpet to the bathroom where she decided a middle of the night shower was probably better than not having one at all. After a lengthy shower, she realized she had no clean clothes to put on. She slipped her sandy clothes back on and carefully slipped back onto the bed so she wouldn’t wake her dead to the world Handler. After about twenty minutes of trying to rest she sat up and watched him sleep for a while. Lexy smiled as she gently shifted his long wheat colored bangs off of his face.
   He opened his eyes grinned and whispered, “Are you watching me?”
   Lexy smiled as she quietly replied, “I got up to have a shower and now I can’t sleep.” She stroked his hair again and added, “Go back to sleep, don’t worry about me.”
   Grey stretched, yawned and said, “What time is it?”
   She yawned her reply and then slapped him and he chuckled. Lexy leaned forward and provocatively whispered, “Maybe I just need this.” She kissed Grey’s lips and when their lips parted he had this puzzled expression on his face.
   He knit his brow as he uncomfortably questioned the intimacy of her gesture, “What was that for?”
   Oh, no. He was gone. She was going to be sick. Even though she’d known this moment was inevitable, it felt like her heart had just been smoked by a big rig. She turned away from him, swung her legs over the edge of the bed, swallowed the hurt and sat there trying to control her reaction.
   He touched her back and said, “Hey, Lex, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I mean…I just don’t think of you that way.”
   She blinked away the tears that had formed against her will and told herself to shut it down. It’s over. You knew this was coming. Suck it up, Lexy. Without looking at him she calmly stated, “It was nothing.” But it wasn’t. She laughed it off and sparred, “Come on, as if I’d be interested in you, Greydon. Get over yourself.”
   He seemed relieved as he laughed, “I knew you were joking.”
   Lexy rose to her feet, glancing back at him to playfully stick out her tongue then she turned and briskly retreated into the bathroom. She locked the door and sat on the edge of the tub. It had happened. Lexy covered her eyes with both hands as she silently sobbed. She’d allowed the loss of their intimacy to gut her once again. When had this happened? It was then that it sunk in. He’d died in the car crash. If Azariah had seen him while he was in the in-between she would have asked him to make the choice. He’d probably thought he was helping her, by making the decision, his alone. She knew how they worked. It was all about the selfless choices and greater good. She heard the rapping sound of his knuckles on the door, followed by, “Hey, Lex. Are you okay? Listen, I know you have needs. You know Orin and Zach are both available, I just don’t think it should be me.”
   Oh, was he frigging serious? Now, she was absolutely livid. She gave him a viciously cold response, “No thanks, I’m saving myself for Tiberius.” Her spiteful comeback was met by dead silence on his end and she knew the verbal dagger she’d tossed at him had hit its intended mark. Lexy cringed as Grey dramatically slammed the motel room door. She wandered out of the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. They’d both handled that situation badly. She knew she needed to go and find him. She’d just apologize and try to get over it. He hadn’t done anything wrong. She was the asshole in this scenario. Lexy left the room fully intending on kissing his ass but as she stepped out into the hallway she saw him duck into the room Melody had gone into earlier. She started to walk down the hallway, paused in front of the fire alarm and thought of pulling on it but what would that serve to accomplish? He couldn’t remember that he loved her and Melody was completely innocent. Feeling emotionally defeated, Lexy descended the stairs and wandered over to the vending machine at the end of the hall. It had been strategically picked over and everything she wanted was already gone. She sighed…wasn’t life frigging hilarious, it was even screwing up her choice of potato chips. She waved one of her hands in front of what she was willing to settle for and it dropped into the metal bin below. Lexy sat down on the floor in the hallway and tore open the package of plain bland chips. She hadn’t even put the first chip in her mouth when she felt someone watching her and looked up, it was Grey.
   He sheepishly smiled and asked, “Can I sit here with you?”
   Confused, she nodded her silent consent and he got his own bag of less than satisfying chips out of the picked over vending machine and sat down beside her.
   Grey grinned and sheepishly began to speak, “I’ll be the one to start then…I’m sorry, I panicked when you kissed me. Maybe, it’s because it’s not supposed to happen? I just need you to know that it wasn’t that I didn’t like it and if that’s what you want I’m in.”
   Oh, Lordy. She was going to bang her head against the wall until she knocked herself out. She couldn’t keep doing this with him. Lexy didn’t know what to say, but she knew she needed to change the subject so she blurted out, “I slept with Orin.”
   Intrigued by her risqué confession her Handler scolded, “You’re a naughty little fibber, you acted like nothing happened between the two of you.”
   She shoved him and whispered, “You say nothing to anyone. It’s private and I don’t even know if I want it to be anything.”
   He motioned like he was zipping his lips. He tossed away the imaginary key, smiled and promised, “I won’t say a word. This is a good thing. Oh, I get it, the Tiberius comment was a joke. Well, I feel like an idiot now for making that kiss a bigger deal than it was supposed to be. See, that’s why you have to tell me these things, I just made a complete and total ass of myself.”
   What had she just done? She felt a little bit guilty. She’d just launched herself into a relationship with Orin in Grey’s head. She should admit to it all and confess everything right now because in her experience little white lies always got out of hand rather quickly. Instead of a confession, Lexy opted to just change the subject as she questioned, “So, it didn’t work out with Mel?”
   “We had an argument. I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep until we hashed it out…plus I think she might be into someone else.” Grey explained as they started to make their way back to their room. Once there, they both lay their heads on their pillows. Greydon was off to sleep in no time at all, completely unaware of the excruciatingly painful vacancy the loss of their intimacy had caused in her heart. She ached for his touch. This time she had to fill that vacancy and take advantage of the distance they had when his memory had been freshly erased. It was time to start the healing process…again.

Mythomedia Press: Hot Off The Press #childrenofankhseries

Mythomedia Press: Hot Off The Press #childrenofankhseries

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Drunk Me Would Totally Be Willing To Risk The Aftermath

You take a moment of happiness in whichever way it presents itself to you. A beautiful moment can come in many forms. Sometimes beautiful moments are not found in obvious places.    There was nothing striking about this dive of a small town pub. It was always something random that changed the average experience to the memorable. She could tell this was going to be one of those nights. One of those places to remember. A gold star on her always expanding list of wild whacked out memories. Memories that laid dormant in her mind waiting to be remised upon during the tediously long hours of travel that always seemed to lie ahead of her. The smoke machine in the corner added something extra seedy to the ambiance of the pub. Kayn lifted her hand from its place on the bar’s counter and it was actually covered in dust. She wiped it on her jeans. Kayn had been watching the dust as it drifted in through the large double swinging doors each time someone entered.    The guys were sitting at a table a few feet away from her. They were probably talking about the bar’s female patrons. It was usually what they were talking about on any given occasion. They were watching the locals sing karaoke badly. This was the best kind of karaoke. The kind where everyone in the entire establishment was clearly tone deaf and possibly crazy but they were all having the time of their lives. Tonight was about embracing the simple things in life such as stopping at a random pub and allowing the crazy boys of Ankh to school the locals. She would have liked to use the ‘you’re only young once’ phrase but she could now be whatever age she chose to stay at. That particular phrase had lost its ability to hit home. Kayn was doing shots as they appeared before her. They were being sent from a table of attractive cowboys. The ladies of Ankh raised their tiny glasses in salute as a thank you. She found her gaze traveling as always in search of Frost. He was grinning at her, looking more than a little intrigued by the fact that she was still drinking. She had made a few alcohol induced decisions in the last five or ten minutes. She had decided that she was jealous of the flock of scantily clad girls that surrounded Frost and hung on his every word. She wanted to walk over, sit on Frost’s lap and stake her claim. Each time she peeked in his direction she caught him watching her. She glanced away, afraid he’d be able to read her mind if their gaze held for longer than a second. She was all but a few stolen glances and innocent brushes against him from ignoring her earlier plans to make good choices. He was thoroughly aware of this little tidbit of information. Kayn could hear the whole conversation at his table. She could hear it quite clearly from where she was sitting at the bar. It was becoming difficult to stifle her laughter.      Grey punched him in the arm, “Don’t be that guy.”   “What did I do?” Frost laughed back in his usual mischievous manner.   Zach shook his head disapprovingly. He looked at Grey and said, “He’s not that much of an ass.”   “Yes, he is that much of an ass. It’s like you don’t know him at all!” Grey chuckled as he shook his head. He scolded, “I’ll be personally disappointed in you. Don’t you dare lay a finger on her while she’s drunk.”   All of the girls were listening to the conversation now. Lily stood up, wandered over to the boys table and remarked, “Really... Kayn can hear everything you’re saying. Frost is not plotting to deflower her tonight. That would make him Satan and I’d like to hope I have better taste in friends.”   “I’m just happy she’s finally having a little fun,” Frost replied.    “That’s good; we wouldn’t want her to regret her first night out in public drinking, would we?” She teased.   Frost whispered his response, “Oh Lily... Nobody regrets a night spent with me.”   Kayn turned away as her cheeks heated up. She pressed her palm on her face. It was hard not to react to what she was overhearing.     Lily smirked and countered, “I was there when you were given that order Frost. It wasn’t a suggestion.”    “I don’t need to be reminded,” Frost replied.   Lily caught Grey’s eye as she left the table. His gaze followed her as she strolled away from them towards the bathroom.   Kayn ordered another drink just as the boys were called up for their turn to sing. Kayn, Lexy and Mel scrambled over and stole their table so they’d have a decent seat up front for the impending gong show. As their tone deaf rendition of a Mariana’s Trench song began Kayn couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face. Zach was actually pretty decent so was Grey. Maybe they were all so horrible and she was so drunk that they sounded phenomenal? They sang to each girl within flirting distance. Frost of course lost his shirt five seconds into the song as always and their performance turned into a karaoke slash Chippendales show. They all laughed for a solid five minutes, nearly falling out of their chairs. Kayn couldn’t help but notice that Lily never seemed as impressed with the boys’ shenanigans as the rest of them were. They had all lost their shirts by the time the song ended. The boys were always attempting to one up each other. The naughty trio came to sit down at the table. A still shirtless Frost scooted into the booth beside Kayn. She smiled at him and shook her head while actively trying to stop herself from ogling him but she was far too drunk to be coy. He casually slipped his hand over her knee and gently squeezed it. She picked up her drink and took a sip while trying to act like his forward behavior hadn’t thrown her. He didn’t remove his hand. He left it there. Kayn smiled because she knew it was a dare. He wanted to see if she would scurry away like a frightened rabbit. She wasn’t going to offer him the satisfaction of reacting to the placement of his hand. She could feel him smiling at her stubbornness without even looking up. Desperate to think about anything else she picked up one of the coasters from the table and began to read it. As his hand traveled a seductive path from her knee to the center of her thigh, aroused she bit her lip. Kayn took another shot and exhaled. She was going to lose this game of chess if she wasn’t careful.    Lily broke the tension as she ordered, “Put your shirts on before they kick us all out of here.”   Grey rolled his eyes, “Why must you always be such a party pooper?”   Zach was sitting on the other side of her. He snatched the coaster out of Kayn’s hand and gave her a glare of disapproval. He’d noticed the placement of Frost’s hand. Lexy was smiling so hard it was a little creepy. She’d done something. Zach was called up to sing.   Zach smiled at Lexy and as he stood up, gave her a golf clap and jousted, “Kamikaze karaoke... Touché Lexy.”   For a second Kayn had no idea which song it was and then it clicked. Oh, that’s so evil. They all began laughing hysterically as soon as the chorus started. It was, “The Woman in Me” by Shania Twain. If Lexy had expected Zach to crack under pressure or storm off of the stage mortified, she’d underestimated him. His sense of humor was wacky enough to prove her wrong. Zach didn’t flinch and without missing a beat, he belted the entire song out. He even began serenading the men sitting at the tables in front of him. Everyone was laughing so hard it turned to tears. Frost removed his hand from her knee to put on his shirt. Moments like these were amazing. The usual rules did not apply for any of them. They didn't care if they made a fool of themselves. Why would they care? Every person that they met would only in the end be a tiny blip on the screen of their existence. Kayn got up to sing next. She knew she wasn’t half bad. One by one they took turns singing. When karaoke ended, the music began. She wished she had a touch of Chloe’s confidence. The alcohol had definitely loosened her inhibitions. She wanted to be wild and carefree even if it was only for a moment until her brain cells staged a revolt. She shimmied closer to him on the bench and whispered his name, “Frost.”   He whispered back, “What?” He was listening to Melody tell a story.   Zach rather abruptly grabbed her hand, yanked her to her feet and towed her towards the dance floor. He laughed, “You’ll thank me later.”   She met his eyes and sighed, “You don’t need to protect me. I’m a big girl.”   Zach pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I’m your friend and you’re drunk. Things always seem like a way better idea when you’re drinking. This is all new for you. Do you have any idea how badly I want to hit on Lexy? Does that sound like a good idea?”   Kayn chuckled, “Not even a little bit.”   Zach whispered back, “From what I’ve heard crazy girls are always incredible. Drunk me would totally be willing to risk the aftermath.”