Sweet Sleep ☥



Book One 
By Kim Cormack       

In every lifetime, there is a moment. A moment so clear, so profoundly unique that it stands out against billions of other moments. When you find a moment such as this one, you pay extra close attention to it. It will usually contain something that defines you in the future.

Fantasy adventure, magical realism, non-stop action with laughter, tears and a coming of age paranormal romance that will capture every reader's heart. A story of a teenage girl who overcomes tragedy and evolves into something she never knew possible as her immortal destiny comes to light. This paranormal fantasy will leave you breathless as it takes you through the darkness and leads you back out into the secret world of immortality triggered by choices in the afterlife.

         The end of her life is only the beginning of her story.

     Would you live your life differently if you knew you were going to be corrected from this world after your sixteenth birthday? You and your twin sister were never meant to be born. There will be nowhere to run. No place to hide. You won’t even know they’re coming. Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction? Could you leave your humanity behind? If the answer is yes, then hold on tight, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!
    The monster hadn’t come for her during the night as she’d imagined a monster would when she was small. Those were the childhood rules. You only ever had to be afraid of monsters in the dark. Now that Kayn was grown up, she understood that anyone could be a monster on the inside.

     A comic romp through the afterlife with three Clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes who battle while collecting partially immortal teenagers as they survive the exterminations of their family lines on their sixteenth year. If they've impressed the Guardians of the in-between with their bravery, they shall be granted a second chance at life as sacrificial lambs for the greater good. They must join one of three Clans of immortals living on earth and can be stolen at random by any other Clan until their eighteenth birthday. Plot twist...To prove their partially mortal brains are capable of grasping immortality, they will be dropped into an Immortal Testing which is basically a simulation of their own personal hells. Like rats in a maze made of nightmares and other ghastly depraved thoughts best left locked behind those mortal happy place filters, they must come out mentally intact after being murdered in thousands of increasingly creative ways. 

    She had never coveted the role of princess. She'd always wanted to be the hero


     The information contained within this book is not intended for mere mortals. Reading this may inadvertently trigger a Correction. If you survive or have shown great bravery during your demise, you may be granted a second chance at life by one of the three Guardians of the in-between. For your soul's protection until your 18th year, you must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth... Ankh, Trinity or Triad. You are totally still reading this, aren't you? You've got this. Welcome to the Children Of Ankh Series Universe. This is not a fairy tale. This is a nightmare.   



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Chloe and Kayn Brighton are twins who may look identical, but they have very different personalities. Chloe’s the ‘naughty’ twin, who doesn’t hesitate to use her beauty to beguile boys and men alike while Kayn is the ‘nice’ twin, who is more sensitive and sweet. When an unspeakable tragedy befalls Kayn and her family, she’s got to stand up and fight. She’s not alone, however, and must depend on some newfound allies to help her figure out what is the truth behind her existence. SWEET SLEEP is a beautiful fantasy story which will appeal to fans of some of the best-selling fantasy series out there. I was immensely impressed with the author’s writing style, characters, and believable mythos. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred in a way which is credible. The themes of love, resurrection, change, and death were handled adroitly in a manner in which teens and adults will understand and relate to in many ways. SWEET SLEEP is a great story with plenty of action, some romance, and great fantasy elements. I am definitely looking forward to book 2! 

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Fast-paced, exciting, heart wrenching amazing book!

My, Kayn the main character has been through it all in this book. I just wanted to jump in there and hug here at times. Superb writing, you felt every scene, every emotion. It was vividly expressed. I don't want to give any plot away. But, how do you choose between your best friend, your twin, your family? What if you had another world to go to? But, the price is high? So high you might never be the same again. If everyone you loved, mom, dad your sister and friends would be in danger or way worse what would you pick?                                                            

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Let me go ahead and say that I kept putting this book on the side seeing I had other things to read for school but once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. The plot, the characters, everything was impeccable.
We start the book off with Kayn, a girl that seems pretty normal. She has a best friend named Kevin and a family that loves her a lot. After a day of running, a man comes and attacks her home and family. She and her brother are the only ones to survive, seeing that her brother wasn't there. Being in a coma for 7 months, she has some problems coping with her life. Finding out that it is her and her brother in life. With Kevin's help, it seems to go back to normal. When Kayn starts to see her dead sister Chloe, she knows something isn't right. Chloe posses her body at time, making her have no control. She can read people's minds and can move things if she thinks about it for a while. What could be causing all of this to be happen? Read the book to know!
Fans of Stephen King's Carrie or Michelle Hodkins' Mara Dyer series or even the Beautiful Creators series will enjoy this book. This book is beautiful and will enjoy this book a whole lot. You will be happy with what you spent your money on!

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Title: A Publisher’s Read
Kim Cormack “Sweet Sleep”

Reviewed by T’s Blogging
9:57 p.m.

Have you ever read a book that you could not wait till the end, but you really did not want it to be over? You could spend the rest of your life submerged in the tale because it was just that darn good! It was so well-written that you could not help but to share the title with a friend or in my case with a publishing company I work for. It was so mind-blowing that the owners of McWood Publishing voted this a MUST READ page-turner! Kim Cormack’s “Sweet Sleep” is considered a Publisher’s Read, because any publishing house in their right mind would be honoured to publish this work.

From the cover to the prologue and throughout the entire book I was craving for more, and what Kim Cormack gave me was beyond my imagination. A story about a girl that was so much more than a girl, who falls in love, overcomes tragedy, and evolves into more than she ever knew she could be. Cormack’s, Kayn Brighton was faced with death, life, change, and peace. And when all seemed lost her best friend Kevin stood right beside her. As Kayn fights for her soul and her family she is continuously on the side of great loss, but there is something about this girl that makes her so special. And as a reader, you want to ride along as she pursues her journey through life to discover what that spark is.

This YA novel is filled with fantasy-like creatures, demons, battles, love, reincarnation, and heeded messages for the reader. Two of my favourite quotes from this novel were, “We are always so much stronger than we believe ourselves to be” and “All heroes are born out of embers that linger from the fire of great tragedy;” so very true Cormack.

Now, while I love this book some may mention that it is too long or seems a bit stretched, but in my opinion, Cormack allowed the story to be evolved at a pace that was needed. She allowed the reader to use their own imagination without being overly descriptive. “Sweet Sleep” is a finessed read. Well done Kim Cormack.

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I have waited months for this novel to be released after reading chapter one. I was entrenched in this book within the first 10 pages. Wonderful character development. Twists and turns I never would have expected.

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Loved this book, could not put it down!!!!!!!

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They were identical twins in every way but they were never meant to be born and now is the time for the Correction. Kayn was the shining twin, bright, athletic, studious, the model daughter, student and friend. Chloe was the dark twin, flirtatious, devious, a wild child, everything and everyone was fair game.

And then there was one. Kayn has survived a heinous blood bath at her home, but she shut down, comatose for months, unaware of the world around, but dealing with the world within her mind, trapped, until the day she stood at a crossroad in her mind, live or die, stay or go on. Kayn chose life, but she had no idea that the life she was returning to, would be filled with danger, immortal beings and another voice within her head. Was Chloe still alive within Kayn? They say twins have a special bond that transcends all. She is changing, losing a grip on her life, forced into a game of cat and mouse with her life and her soul are the prize. How will she outwit and out last forces she cannot recognize? Who will stand by her side? Was she ever meant to be born?

Prepare for action, drama, visitors from beyond and revelations that will rock your world! To call Sweet Sleep intense just barely describes what Kayn goes through. So many secrets, so many lies, so many questions without answers. Kim Cormack’s ability to bring chaos and nail-biting action and intrigue to life in the world she has created in, without a doubt, phenomenal! She has used bold strokes and razor-sharp pacing while flaying emotions raw, fleshing out life-size characters that jump off the pages! Brilliant dialogue is the icing on the cake!

Unique in a world filled with fabulous fantasy, feel the story, see each scene and experience the loyalty for and the growth of one girl who never should have been, she was part of a “big mistake.” Will she survive her Correction?

I received this copy from Kim Cormack in exchange for my honest review. A highly recommended read!

Chandra Fry
Mar 01, 2018rated it it was amazing
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Absolutely Amazing!

This book was amazing! The story was unique and the characters were fascinating! I was glued to the pages and simply could not put this book down! A must read!

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Kayn’s world was destroyed in one night. Her family and her twin sister taken away from her. She was left for dead, but survived. But, surviving is just the beginning. Finding out what she really is and how she must now protect herself will be the hardest journey. Kayn isn’t alone in this though. With her best friend, Kevin, beside her with his own powers and their new budding relationship they will face challenges that will change them both. Can Kayn survive and will her relationship with Kevin last?

This was a great first book in this series. The creation of the world, the tiers and clans are well crafted. Within the world are the diverse characters, even the twins are unique. Kayn and Kevin are the most diverse characters. You get to see them grow and change through the trials and training they go through. In a bit of typical fashion, Kayn and Kevin still go through the teenage growing pains of jealousy and love, but the biggest challenge to them is the acceptance of their new life that parallels their current teenage life. Kim Cormack weaves a great paranormal young adult book. This is a strong start to a series that I am looking forward to continuing. If you are looking for a new series that will have you craving more, than you will want to pick up this book ASAP.

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"Sweet Sleep" by Kim Cormack is the first book in the "children of Ankh" series and follows twin sister Kayne through the tragedy of her "correction" an into the life of an immortal. Kayne is a sweet, naïve 17-year-old young woman, who struggles in the shadow of her more popular and enchanting twin sister Chloe. Her biggest focus is running and her best friend Kevin, until tragedy strikes and changes everything that Kayne knows and holds dear. This is my first Kim Cormack book and I was overwhelming pleased, giving this book 5 hearts. This book starts off a little slow, but once it gets going it's a page-turner. I did feel at times it was a little long and had too quick of scene and conversation transitions that slow it down because I had to go back to follow along, but it was still a great read. The cliff hanger ending left me wanting the next book. 

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*I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Kayn Brighton seems to be living the perfect life. She has loving parents, a best friend-Kevin and her identical twin, Chloe. The Brighton twins love each other but their personalities are more different. Chloe is more of the 'popular' type. When I read the synopsis I wasn't to sure what this book was about but the first chapters were so gripping!

The first chapters were horrifying and gut-wrenching when a huge tragedy befalls their family. Kayn is left alone but suddenly Kevin seems to have grown much more attractive. He's with her all the time and helps her overcome all the hardships that were coming to her like a huge tidal wave. Their goofy friendship soon turns into something more. I was so emotionally shell shocked when I read the first half of this book! It was simply gut-wrenching but beautiful at the same time. This author wrote so beautifully that I felt so bad when I read it! There was so much love and caring in that family that it really touched my heart.

Thing is, The twins weren't supposed to exist. They were supposed to be one soul that had split into two. Until they reach the age of eighteen, their souls are free for the taking and three clans are like in a race to get to them. The Triad, Ankh and Trinity clan. They were so many attempts on their lives that it doesn't take long for Kayn to realize that she and her sister were not normal. The correction means they have to be corrected. Since they were never meant to exist as two, they have to be corrected and hence become one by merging. But who will take control of the body?

The second part of the book is mostly about her adjusting to her new clan , her growing relationship with Kevin and learning to defend herself. Because even though she is under the protection of a clan until she's eighteen her soul is still free for the taking! I love her clan, especially Frost! I think we'll be seeing much more of him in the second book! The ending was so bittersweet and i so wonder what the hell is going to happen next??

Great writing and AMAZING emotion in this book! Can't wait to find out what happens next!

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Sweet Sleep by Kim Cormack is an intense YA novel reminding me something of Alyson Noels Immortal series. Don’t get me wrong the novel and series is quite unique. Kayn and Chloe are twins, completely opposite in every way except their identical looks. Kayn the light innocent twin who doesn’t attract guys, loves to run and has few friends except Kevin. Chloe the dark twin who attracts guys to the point of their insanity. They were special from conception.

Suspense and action fill the story from the start when Kayn is brutally knifed and spends months in the hospital in an induced coma while her body heals. Her best friend Kevin stays by her side. In the months of her coma, Kevin changes from a puny teen to a tall, muscled sizzling hot guy. When she awakes her life is different, she’s different – neither she nor Kevin are what she thought. It’s at this point she becomes familiar with immortals and the Ankh discovering the secret behind her and Chloe’s conception.

The novel is long but fast-paced and intense. I easily read the first hundred pages before I realized it. My mind was so focused on the story I didn’t want to put it down. There’s fighting, secrecy, legends, vile beasts, telepathic communication and more.

For readers who love a fantastic yet realistic story filled with scheming and passion this is the book.

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The synopsis doesn't reveal the brutality of this book, the waves of tension and suspense portrayed in the first few chapters. Although the feet of this story are firmly planted in YA, I'm pretty sure that I'd recommend it for an older teen. Other reviews give quite detailed descriptions of the plot-line so I'll just comment on the writing. Cormack delivers throughout, giving me everything I'd expect from an exciting paranormal adventure; malevolence, fear, suspense, mystery and not forgetting love and family loyalty. Main characters are introduced quickly and well developed as they mature throughout the story and it's easy to develop an attachment and be vested in them. Maybe Chloe could have been a little more than just 'the opposite' of her twin but that really was enough for me to have complete sympathy for her. There were many favorite moments but one thought remained with me, 'Did a soul leave a body in that final breath, through slightly parted lips?'

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WOW, You need a SCORECARD to keep up with the action and this is THE FIRST BOOK! I liked that Karyn Brighton loved her twin sister so much and didn't mind that Chloe had most males longing to be with her as well as her best friend, Kevin Smith. While Chloe chewed up guys and dumped them in a heartbeat, she had yet to gone on a date or be kissed. They were identical but were total opposites in ways. As Karyn learns that everyone had been murdered except her older brother who had been in college, she learns that her life at sixteen had all been a lie and that others were trying to kill her as well. As clans and demons clash who will survive? 

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Sweet Sleep by Kim Cormack is a 5 star read only because I can’t give it anymore.
This book was all over the place but not in the way that makes you want to run in the opposite direction, but in the way that it could belong to so many different genres. This book was fascinating from start to finish and I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of the series

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I was blown away by this book!! Just epic!! The storyline was unique and interesting, you just didn't want the story to end!! I loved all of the characters, especially Kayn, whose whole world comes crashing down when almost her whole family is murdered. Just a great story that leaves you wanting more!!!

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Oh, I love this series. It's made me cry & laugh.Learning to remake your life is not easy. Especially when you lose everyone you love. But new friends(immortals) are your new family now. Couldn't put the book down, and went right into reading the next one.

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This book follows the story of Kayn, the strong one, who grew up in the shadow of her identical twin sister, Cloe, the pretty one. Unbeknownst to them, they have been supernaturally provided these gifts, and not everyone is happy about it. In fact, something has come to put an end to what was never supposed to have been, Kayn and Cloe, and attempts to do so by brutally murdering their family, leaving only Kayn barely surviving. While in that sweet sleep of a coma she is reunited with her family and meets some new beings that explain some of her supernatural history, but can she survive long enough to join her clan? Can she help her sister be rejuvenated without losing herself?

This story will pull every gut-wrenching emotion from you as you follow the harrowing journey. The world-building is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, but with the author's own special twists that incorporate a darker phenomenology. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop, even when you feel like you need to take a breather. You will be glad you picked this up, but you won't be the same afterward. 

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I received this book free for an honest review.
The premise behind this book is definitely intriguing. God's, demons, and tiered souls. The triangle they've made will be interesting to see how it turns out, especially given the ending. I absolutely loved this book, could not put it down, and cannot wait to read more.

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Sweet Sleep was fantastic! It's filled with mystery, excitement, adventure, romance, love and loss, and keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly. I loved this book! I could not put it down and had to know what happened next. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

Kayn and Chloe were identical twins. They were two halves of one soul, but they were never meant to be born. When gifted with strange powers she could not control, Chloe, the wild child, brought upon them the "Correction." Few have what it takes to survive the correction and when they do, their whole world is flipped upside down. Kayn was always the invisible one. She was athletic, smart, and strong, but little did she know just how strong she had to be.
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This book is full of magic and supernatural stuff
The story is about 2 kids and their YA issues as they learn that magic is real and that they and their families are special.
It's a mix of action, humour, lust, and drama.
Kayn and Kevin's sarcasm and senses of humour are awesome. And their characters are very strong. But, the overall tone of the book is very dark, gory and sometimes it's really depressing. So, yeah. Reader discretion advised.
I liked the book.