Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleeve Boogies

I often wonder what it would be like to be one of those perfect moms. The ones with perfect hair and no sleeve boogies. I'm not a fan a of the sleeve boogie,you have one today because you spotted one on the side of your childs nose on the way into kindergarten. Being the more worried about them having something gross on them than you are on yourself kind of mom, you end up wiping it off with your own sleeve.Then of course you forget you did it,you had planned on stopping at the bathroom but somehow always managed to get side tracked. Then of course your at a grocery store or out in public and you bump into that put together pants suit wearing fresh from the hair dresser mom.
The wow she always looks fabulous how does she do it mom,she points out your sleeve boogie from your childs nose. She says something like you have something gross on your sleeve,you laugh and say kids. You make a mental note to put kleenexes in your pocket but you never do.

Or the I need to bleach my shoes because you remembered rubber boots for your son when you went to the pumpkin patch but not yourself. A week or two goes by you have off brown white shoes,you have them triple knotted because they keep untying themselves. You notice how horrific they are looking but have two kids and two jobs and havn't found the time.

You plan to go to the hairdresser at some point but you do it yourself to save money.
Your hair stays in a ponytail most days because you have curly hair and its rainy.
You watch soccer practice and laugh the entire time thinking this is way more fun than I imagined it would be.
You don't care very much about going out dancing because your way to tired,but you sing to all the new music in your mini van.
You have brief flickers of missing your old life.........but you wouldn't trade this new one for anything in the world.

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jenniferprobst said...

I love this post - I am so there. When I catch myself singing Disney songs instead of Beyoncee, and I realize my hairdresser doesn't know me anymore, you start to wonder how you got here! But like you, it's truly great and wouldn't want to trade it for the world. Stop by my blog at http://jenniferprobst.wordpress.com. Your children books look awesome - love your site.