Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I will love you still

I will love you still

I will love you when pee on me and make poop portraits on the wall.

I will love you when you kick and scream while shopping at the mall.

I will love you when you scream I hate you, and repeatedly slam your door.

I will love you if you break my favourite thing in the world all over the floor

There’s nothing you can ever do to make it so I don’t love you because

I made a deal with myself that very first day.

When I stared down at the test in my hand that said my life would change.

I promised myself deep down inside that I would do my best.

To protect you from ever feeling pain but life puts that to a test.

I knew that I would make mistakes because I am just only human to you know.

So if you hate me today then that’s okay

I’m yours forever anyway

I wish there was some magic way to protect you from the pain that comes with fair weather friends.

To teach you how to persevere when you feel like your life’s at its end.

I wish that I could be right there when someone breaks your heart.

So I can wrap you in my loving arms and help put back the parts

Chances are I won’t be there and that’s okay I guess, because broken hearts just give us strength, and then we fall in love again.

So tell me you don’t love me go ahead and say it to my face, because I will just love you anyway until my dying day.


taradaramadeit said...

Hi Kim,
I found you on twitter. I wanted to let you know {and I hope you don't mind}, I LOVE this poem! I posted it on my blog, giving you FULL CREDIT of course. Like I said, I hope you don't mind, but if you do, please let me know and I will remove it. My readers are mostly parent's as well and I KNOW they will totally relate to your poem as did I.
You're very talented!

Cheryl Schenk said...

My daughter is all grown-up now, and a loving and lovely young lady, but she gave us grief when she was young.

This poem touched my heart.

Cheryl Schenk

Kim said...

Thanks guys, and no probem Tara ;)