Friday, April 1, 2011

Dismembering Toys 101

Dismembering Toys 101

I would love to share a moment that made me giggle all week. My son Cam was trying to smuggle a toy into kindergarten when it wasn’t his toy day.

I took it out of his hand at the school and it was a dismembered Star Wars guy. Not moderately dismembered where the legs and arms can pop back on but totally ripped off deliberately.

So I’m upset now, those action figures cost money.

I say,”Why would you totally destroy this Star Wars guy ...why?

Cam looks at me like perhaps I’m a tad simple and says, “He got blowed up.”

I looked at him wondering if I should be concerned.

Then thinking I kind of can’t argue with that.

I did come up with, “Next time blow up the dollar store men, not the ten dollar Star Wars guys”.

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