Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is your most incredible moment as a child.
Enter to win a copy of,"Being Four".
Tell me all about your very first memory as a child, or of a very special memory.
The winner will be picked in one week ;) Good luck friends.
I can not wait to hear your memories ;)


Anonymous said...

I remember hunting for caterpillars with my father and little brother. We'd catch them, put them in jars with milkweed, and watch them for weeks until they'd turn into chrysalises, and eventually butterflies. Now I'm 32, and every year I visit my parents and look for caterpillars. Now I bring my own little ones. :)


Frank C. Balara said...

I remember being 4 or 5 and my mom convincing me to pretend to go take a nap with my younger brother (1 or 2)and her so he would go. I almost always ended up napping too. She was a sneak!

Mary Fields said...

I remember my Mom telling me when I was about this age, coming downstairs after my nap with her lipstick from ear to ear carrying my little white boots, like nothing had happened.

Michelle said...

I remember my Papa tickling me in his bed on saturday mornings and yelling for nanny to save me.

Rachel Cooper said...

Am I the only weird one? Three years old, walking with my mom along a city sidewalk in Winnipeg, and spying an enormous, juicy, pink wad of practically fresh bubblegum at my feet. Woo hoo! Sadly, my mom hustled me along before I could retrieve it. I still remember the feeling of unbelievable luck and delight at spying such a treasure. I get the same feeling today when the birds are singing at sunrise.