Sunday, October 2, 2011

  Help me choose which cover is the keeper. 
  If you send me your comments and or constructive criticism ;)
  I will send one of my helpers a copy when ,"Tigergators Do" is finally released.

  With happy thoughts
  Kim Cormack

  This one or

   This one


Valeriebrbr said...

Kim, #2 is DEFINITELY my fav. The saturated red attracted me much more than the first. And the arrangement of the tigers themselves are more attractive than the first, IMO. Take it for what it's worth, I'm no professional! Lovely covers, but I prefer the second.

klbguitar said...

second background with the first image!! :D

RCalhoun said...

Kim, I vote for the second one, with the multiple tigergators. It gives a better idea of what these critters look like. BTW, green and orange were my high school colors - Eagles, though, not tigers or gators. ;-)

Gallant Press said...

I vote for the second. The first one looks… threatening. The second looks intriguing; it makes you want to know more.