Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to join Team Ankh advise from the girls on the team

   1. Learn to embrace leather and spandex, chicks like Thea like to be comfortable when kicking some butt.

 2. Know that if your superhuman you can wear heals and still run super fast.

 3. Everyone needs a leather or spandex arm band, because its hot.

 5. Freaky colored eyes are totally still in.

 6.  Lily  lives by the motto,"you can never have too much eyeliner on."

 7. You can make somebody love you if your superhuman.

 8. "But if you have to make someone love you chances are hes not worth your love."  Lily

  9. Alyx really can make it all better with just a kiss.

 10. Pain is just one of your options.

 11. Death is just one of your options.

 12. Miracles happen every day if your friends with Alyx.

 13. Alyx loves to feel pretty and feminine and would not be caught dead in leather or spandex  literally.

 14. Kayn wears jeans and t shirts, she says being understated and natural is the way to go.

 15. Wear your hair straight or curly however you want it not what it says to do in a magazine.

  16. Be yourself and try something new every day.

  17. You can get through anything with a sense of humor  Kayn

 18. Have a twin willing to absorb your soul.

 19. Dying really doesn't take you off the team.

 20. Learn some creepy song lyrics.

    Basically you can be anybody ;)

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