Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lets play a little game

I need to describe this first book in the series in ten words or less. 

So how about a little help from Twitter and Facebook.

Which version do you find most titillating?

1) One will fall and one will fight for Ankh.

2) You survived the correction, now choose your clan.

3)  Ankh, Trinity or Triad choose your clan.

4) What if your destiny meant everyone you love must die.

5) To survive you must leave this mortal life behind you.

6) One twin must fall so the other can survive..

7) Just fade away and close your eyes

8)The lights flickered, the pain went away, Sweet Sleep.

I think it might be number 8 

What do you think?



Haley McGee said...

I like 5 & 8

Beth Kanell said...

I think number 4 is pretty provocative. Number 8 doesn't tell me much. Keep pushing for the best!