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Children of Ankh Quotes


                                   The Children of Ankh series

“In every lifetime there is a moment. A moment so clear, so profoundly unique; that it stands out against billions of other moments. When you find a moment such as this one, you pay extra close attention to it. It will usually contain something that defines you in the future. The Children of Ankh

“The lights flickered, the pain went away, and her mother was holding her, singing ‘Sleep sweet sleep’. The Children of Ankh series

How blindly we love when we are young and unscathed. The Children of Ankh series

“In the woods lay a bleeding angel in all her glory. Her arms posed gracefully above her head and her hair soaked in the mud, the blood and feces in which she lay. Dying, fading into the other realm, her form christened by the rain as though the trees had begun to weep upon her in sadness for the brutality she had endured. The Children of Ankh series

“It’s hillbilly urine; we had better get home before they come to eat us.” Kevin said pointing towards home proving if there was ever any doubt that he had no acting ability at all. The Children of Ankh series

“At least have the decency to warn me if you ever find yourself feeling like you want to wear my sister as a skin coat so I can get you some help.”The Children of Ankh

“You learn lots of little things that help you maneuver through geekdom unscathed if you’re crafty." The Children of Ankh series

“Kevin was sitting on the railing waiting patiently and looking up at the sky with his mouth agape in a totally comical way. Kayn walked up beside him and teased, “Trying to catch flies?”  The Children of Ankh series

“Hey, I’ll have you know, that I have been going commando since my first wedgie in grade five; once they grab for underwear, and don’t find any, they get very afraid and back right off.” He chuckled.  The Children of Ankh series

“I have a girlfriend, Kayn. Her name is Chloe. She just doesn’t know it yet,” He smiled; he couldn’t help himself, he knew it irritated her to no end. The Children of Ankh series

“Kayn began to speak as if she were reading his obituary. “I can see the paper now; it would read something like this; Kevin Smith was a wonderful boy so smart and good looking but a little clumsy. Had he simply tied up his shoes he would have never tripped down the stairs and found himself impaled on a janitor’s broom. Remember kids; tie your shoes; safety first.” The Children of Ankh series

“The humming of Kayn’s blood that coursed through her veins seemed to sing along to the steady, almost tribal, beat of her feet as they pounded rhythmically into the dirt. A veil of earth flowed behind her; she resembled a flaxen haired angel attempting to outrun a cloud. The cloud of dust seemed to follow her for a moment or two longer than it should, with not one whisper of wind in the afternoon air. The Children of Ankh series

“Her vision came into focus and again this time the trees crackled and mocked her. You’re going to die you silly bitch, they seemed to chant. They waved their branches, howling, as the wind whistled through the trails which had suddenly grown icy cold. Kayn’s mind snapped back to reality; she had lost a lot of blood…none of this was real. Children of Ankh

“The dark mass of her violator suddenly appeared beside her, leaning in so close that she could smell his putrid breath, moist over her face. Every hair on her body was standing on end. The electrical power between Kayn and the man in the dark was like a charge. He ran a finger over her exposed breast saying, “You were never to be born; this situation had to be corrected.”  The Children of Ankh series

“As her vision flickered one last time, the man was gone; it was her mother looking into her eyes. 
 The Children of Ankh series

Her mother’s eyes were filled with so much love that it seemed to release her from her pain and fear as it did when she was a small child. Her mother cradled her as a baby, rocking her back and forth. She was safe now in her mother’s arms. She was at peace. Mommy, her heart sang, you’re here to save me.” The Children of Ankh series

“This is the symbol of Ankh. This is the key that unlocks the gates of death. This is also the name of your clan. It will heal and nobody will see it, but it will always be there."
The Children of Ankh series

If the powers that be went around killing psychics for no good reason we would have a spiritual war on our hands.  The Children of Ankh series

 “Pardon me for a second, love,” he strode toward the window and flung it open. 
Kevin startled, slipped, and began to fall. Frost grabbed his arm as he dangled off the ledge. He said, “Are you going to be a problem, young man, or an ally?” 
“An ally, definitely an ally,” Kevin stammered, as he was pulled back through the window like a rag doll.  The Children of Ankh series

“Oh, quit being such a baby,” Frost teased as he reached out his hand toward hers once again.
 “Seriously, do you think I have been sniffing glue? I will not give you my hand again. That really hurt,” Kayn stated in an offended tone. 
“Sniffing glue?” Frost questioned aloud, obviously missing something in Kayn’s sarcastic wit. The Children of Ankh series


Granny picked up a bun in retaliation and stood up screeching, “Show yourself you skanky little whore bag.” The Children of Ankh series

Human sanity is like a delicate flower. After a week in a place of magic your petals can begin to blow away in the wind. The Children of Ankh

“We are somewhere created of love and filled with beauty and magic. Just be free and trust that you can never be hurt here.” The Children of Ankh

“I have been pretty awesome with all of this crazy stuff, but a giant pink coffin may be where I draw the line on my crazy today.” The Children of Ankh series

Chloe had been a party to some strange shit since she had passed on, but this was messed up even for her. The Children of Ankh

This thing could not possibly be real. It was the most utterly terrifying creature she could have imagined. Those claws would slice through them all like butter. In her worst nightmares truthfully there had been nothing even close to this. Children of Ankh

“For the record, black mist is not what I pictured when you said soul sucking demons.” The Children of Ankh

“Ladies, I resent that. It’s definitely true, but I resent it nonetheless.” Frost The Children of Ankh series

“I got this,” Grey said as he kicked the demon’s ashes and it disintegrated into the air, blowing away into the chilly evening sky.” The Children of Ankh

They cleaned up the mess in the bedroom so as not to alert the others to their private conversation about murder, resurrection, and other miscellaneous mayhem. The Children of Ankh

“A week ago I would have been pissed off to hear this little self-destructive plot, but now I kind of get it.” The Children of Ankh

Kayn understood that it was tragedy that had created them all. The Children of Ankh series

Frost stood inches from her grinning from ear to ear. “You wouldn’t dare,” Chloe spat out as he gave her a gentle shove with one finger. “You asshole,” she screamed as she began to fall all alone into nothingness. The Children of Ankh

 Kevin looked at his own symbol, then into Kayn’s eyes, wondering how far he would be asked to stray from the safety of his spiritual ignorance today. The Children of Ankh series

 “Lexy lay curled up in Greys arms on the couch and slept a dreamless sleep free of dragons for she had slain them once again.
The Children of Ankh series Book 2 

She had now been to places where her bubble gum froze inside of her mouth as she tried to chew it. Places where when your nose ran it froze solid on her skin in seconds. It was a place like that where Zach learned that peeing in the snow was an incredibly bad idea. 
 The Children of Ankh series  Book 2

Kayn stuck her tongue out as far as it she could in an attempt to see the flakes that rested on its tip. Realising she was cross eyed as she attempted to look at the tip of her tongue and she probably looked hilarious. She slipped her tongue back in between her lips.  The Children of Ankh series


She wondered how many of these jobs she would have to do before she lost her joy and stopped attempting to catch snowflakes on her tongue.  The Children of Ankh series

The choice is your life or your family’s life. Everyone you love and many more will die or you right now. There is only a minute to make up your mind. We will abide by whatever you choose to do.” The Children of Ankh series

In those first moments before she was fully awakened she hadn’t had time to hide her feelings and he read them loud and clear. That morning had started their tango. There was one giant problem. Kayn could not dance her way out of a paper bag.  The Children of Ankh series

“Oh come on a stalker doesn’t bring breakfast does he?” Frost quipped back and patted his pocket grinning as he spoke.
 “Oh I will bet that is exactly what a stalker does,” Kayn laughed as a shot of adrenaline gave her a second wind. It was enough of one that she found the renewed ability to spar with him.”The question remains... Do you have duct tape in your other pocket?"
 “Oh no, honey I am just happy to see you, “He teased. The Children of Ankh series Book 2

 Quotes from the Triad

During his sweet sleep, there was an angelic creature and in her eyes a look of joyous elation that filled Kevin’s mind with anticipation of her possible existence in the real world. This freckle faced vision with her wild mane of untamed blonde curls left a nightly unexplainable ache in his soul.  The Children of Ankh series

 In his dreams, she would appear to him as a mirage of hope. He could feel the love in her heart for it seeped through her very essence into the air between them. The Children of Ankh series

 Her fingers brushed a path across his fingertips as if to say in the exquisite beauty of the moment,” I will always be right here.”The Children of Ankh series

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