Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Rules of The Correction


      A Thousand years ago the Correction began. The creation of new immortals became illegal. 

               Under third tier law any human with an ability that uses it to alter a life path has committed an offense punishable by Correction.

              Any human sired by a third tier soul (immortal) must also be destroyed.

              Everyone in your genetic line must also be Corrected. Erased from the world like a spiritual virus. 


            They allowed you to live until after your 16th birthday. 

            You get a chance to fight back. 
Those are the rules. 

           You won't know they're coming.

           Be Brave for these are your final moments.


          This is Your Sweet Sleep. 

     If you survive your Correction and awaken from your Sweet Sleep. You must join with the first clan that comes. You will not survive on your own. ☥ 

              Your miracle was not free. 
There was fine print to be read at the bottom of your contract.  You have signed up for a second chance at life, as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good.  You are on your way to the slaughter. 


             This is not a fairy tale... This is a nightmare. 


                                                             Ankh Quotes

      The sunlight blinded her. 
She felt purified by its rays. 
    She had been in the dark for so long,and in so many ways.☥ 

    She slept a dreamless sleep free of dragons for she had slain them once again.☥

    She could just kill them but they would be healed in moments.
    It was better to let sleeping demons lie.

    Things become peaceful after a storm.

    The clouds clear. The dust settles. 
    Futures come into focus.☥ 

    Dragons do not give mercy.

    Dragons do not understand the concept of empathy. 
    Dragons always keep their promises.☥ 

    We are so far up shit creek not even a motor could save us now, my friends.☥

           No creative changes. 

           No excuses. 
           No messing around. 
           No ego trips. 
           No more accidental murder sprees.☥

     Those scars, you can wear like a badge. 

     You can let them overcome all that is good in your life or you can overcome them.☥

     If fate gave us a clear life path to walk down. We would never wander off in the wrong direction. What fun would that be? ☥ 

     You must decide where the line of right and wrong exists within your own soul.☥ 

     He would find out that even if you endeavor to revise a few of the chapters.

     The ending to the story always remained the same.☥ 

     What if the end of your life was only the beginning of your story? 

     She was a girl with many secrets. 

     The chapters were written in the creases of her smile. ☥ 

     She struggled to her feet and planted them solidly in the sand of the in between. 

     She was now ready to turn the next page.☥

           I know better now. 

           I am hurricane. 
           I’m a plague, I’m an apocalypse.
           I am a dragon.
           I am a method of destruction. ☥ 

    “You can never sneak up on a psychic; it’s the whole point of being a psychic”☥ 

    All heroes are born out of the embers that linger from the fire of great tragedy.”☥ 

    To witness the suns last dance in the daylight as it began to descend slowly... Magically into the distant sea.☥ 

    I have either a brilliant idea or a completely suicidal plan.It really depends on how you look at it.☥ 

    All heroes are born out of the embers that linger from the fire of great tragedy.☥ 

    It was a magical feeling this miracle of running blind into the midnight wild.☥ 

    "That was not a toddler. That was a tiny, rabies infested super hero.”☥ 

    She had loved wicked and wild. Until her last breath had been stolen,her soul forever altered.☥

    She looks remarkably peaceful for someone recently drowned, eaten, dumped and attacked by a lava spitting tiger lizard ☥ 

    The strands of her golden hair danced through her liquid nightmare to an unheard song. She was gone.☥ 


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