Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Road to Ankh

In every lifetime, there is a moment. A moment so clear, so profoundly unique that it stands out against billions of other moments. When you find a moment such as this one, you pay extra close attention to it. It will usually contain something that defines you in the future. 


  Kevin was sitting on the railing waiting patiently and looking up at the sky with his mouth agape in a totally comical way.
     Kayn walked up beside him and teased, “Trying to catch flies?”
     “Always,” Kevin sparred with a dimpled grin and quick wit.
     “What are we looking at?” Kayn said as she stared up toward the heavens and made the same open-mouth face of awe.
     “Come with me, and I’ll show you,” Kevin laughed. He grabbed her hand, and they started to walk toward the field.
       Kayn had lived this moment a thousand times. Kevin lay down in the grass, and she lay beside him.

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