Saturday, August 9, 2014

The reader with the most correct answers wins #SweetSleep

Time to begin the first Sweet Sleep contest #AmazonCart
It’s time to begin the very first #SweetSleep  contest.

 Send me the answers in a private message. 

What do the bees symbolize?

What is the Correction?

What is a Sweet Sleep?

What is engraved on the Ankh Cross?

Who is Frog sticker girl?

Who are the Brothers of Prophecy?

 Name the three Clans?

What is the name of Clan Ankh’s Guardian? 

What is Frost’s Ability?

What is Grey’s Ability?

What is Lily’s Ability?

What is Lexy’s Ability?

Who is Lily’s Father?

Who is The Clan Dragon?

What does the term Dragon mean?

What is a Handler?

The Ankh Clan motto is?

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