Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fun little teasers for Book two, "Enlightenment"

 Zach said, “I think I accidentally killed the doctor.”
    “He was the Coroner,” Lily stated. She walked over and knelt down to check his pulse.
      “Well, that explains his reaction to me waking up. Now doesn't it?”He chuckled. “If I was dead, and nobody healed me, how did I wake up?”
Lexy walked out of the bathroom. She said, “Am I bad? I got rid of the cameras. I thought I could have you out of here before the others made it downstairs. I even had time to switch Zach’s toe tag with a John Doe. I would've had plenty of time, but the coroner showed up. I had to improvise a tiny bit.”
    “Show me which drawer?”Frost said.
      “This one,” she opened the drawer and pulled the body out.
A body of a damn near Albino white guy with flaming red hair. Zach stared at the man with his mouth agape.
      He shook his head and said, “Lexy, just in case you haven't noticed… I'm brown. I'm not an albino, red headed white guy.”
    “Oh come on. Nobody is even going to look at the paperwork. The coroner’s dead on the floor. He had a heart attack. Someone’s going to come in and say, “Oh no...” she bent down to look at his name tag. “Phil had a heart attack.”

    “He does look like a Phil, doesn't he?” Melody comically observed.

        Lexy smiled and said, “Wait a minute. I know we missed something.”
He’d been recording the autopsy when he died. They always recorded the autopsy. Lexy patted him down and found it. She took the recording device out of his pocket. It was still recording. She erased everything and placed the device back in his pocket.
      “You just left fingerprints on everything Einstein,” Zach said.
      “I don’t have fingerprints, Zach,” Lexy said.
      He looked down at his hands and said, “Holy crap, I don’t think I have any finger prints either.”

    Lexy laughed, “Glad to know you’re still following along. We should get out of here.”

They all walked out the door and separated as they walked down the hall.

      Zach strolled beside Lexy and whispered, “I bet he thought I was a Zombie?”

      “Nowadays, when you wake up during your autopsy. They always think you're a Zombie,” Lexy chuckled

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