Saturday, February 28, 2015

Enlightenment teasers

Her eyes were still scanning for ridges as the large cat-like creature began to crouch down and make chirping noises just like a house cat excited about a bird too close to the window. The wall opened up behind her, and someone snagged her by the arm. They yanked her through it just as a hail of fire and lava came spraying out of the creature’s mouth. Kayn for a brief moment believed that she had been saved. Her mind took a second to register. She felt her flesh engulfed in liquid flames. Her skin and meat melted off of her bones. Kayn stared at her arms in horror. She fell to her knees, her soul jolted by a crippling sensation of indescribable torture. It encompassed her entire being. Her soul screamed from within her as she burst into ash and disintegrated into the stale air of the crypt.

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