Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A teaser for you all :) Let There Be Dragons

She walked with Lexy for what felt like hours into the backdrop of the crimson sunset. Something changed and the silky sensation of her steps in the sand gave way to the rustling of grass underfoot.  She now stood in the center of and an endless field.  Her soul had brought her to see something beautiful. The scenery before her that she’d once adored now felt like a devastating symbol of her mortality.  The field, overflowed with delicate purple flowers. She closed her eyes and listened to the soothing hum of the bumble bees, hoping it would bring her back to a better time and place.  Visions of her childhood flashed through her line of sight. There they were as children, lying in the field together, as always, watching the clouds drift by.  Kayn ran towards the bees, waving her arms and they took flight. She crawled around and yanked the flowers from the soil. Lexy made no attempt to stop her. The girl that looked to fields of bees for solace was gone. She couldn’t be the girl that saw purple flowers and reminisced about her best friend slipping one of them into her shoe as a child. He was gone. She wanted to burn this whole field to ash and kick it into the air. She wanted to do that to every memory she had of him. He’d slit her throat during the testing and left her to bleed out into the sand. When she’d retaliated, she’d become a dragon. She wanted to destroy everything beautiful and right for it was all a lie...

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