Monday, December 11, 2017

Innuendo #Enlightenment

Kayn laughed, “The whole two-stepping thing is a tad lost on me. I’m horrible at this. We should go and sit down before I hurt someone.”   They started to sway a little bit so they wouldn’t stand out as Zach whispered, “I can’t two-step either.” He spun her around the floor and they parted ways. They began doing the lawn mower and the sprinkler to the country music that was blaring. They powered through the list of hilarious dance moves that people who couldn’t dance did to be awesome. It caught on and everyone started doing it. Zach grabbed her hand and twirled her around again. She didn’t even have a chance to catch her breath. She was stolen mid-goofy-twirl by Frost.    Zach started to laugh. He pointed at her and teased, “Behave Brighton.” Without missing a beat, Zach had a new partner.    Everyone in the place was crammed on the small claustrophobic dance floor. Kayn had been out of breath before Frost pulled her into his arms. Now catching her breath felt impossible. With nearly perfect timing, the song changed to a slow one. In one swift skilled movement, Frost pressed the length of his body against hers. She remembered what it felt like to be in his arms and even though she was aware they were Chloe’s memories in this slightly inebriated state it felt like what she was feeling was undeniable. She relaxed with her head on his shoulder. Her hand was pressed against his chest as they danced. She could feel the rhythm of his heart pounding against her palm. He could make her forget all about everything that ailed her, if she allowed him to do what he did best. She breathed in the scent of his skin and was swept away by it. Everything about him made her want to let her guard down and just allow herself to be free. That's what Frost signified to her in one word...Freedom.   “See, it’s not that hard... Is it?” He whispered in her ear.    She cracked a grin, for that time his innuendo had been an accident. He had missed the hilarity in what he had said but she hadn’t. Kayn accidentally stomped on his foot hard enough for him to sputter, “Shit, Brighton. That actually hurt.” She hadn't stepped on it lightly. “I’m sorry. I might be drunk,” Kayn apologized.    “You don’t say?” The dangerously sexy immortal teased as he tucked one of her wild curls behind her ear.    For a second she thought he was going to kiss her and her lips parted in anticipation. She wanted him too.    Instead, he dipped her and chuckled, “You weren’t lying about the dancing thing, were you? I thought you were fibbing. In my experience when a girl tells me she can’t dance, it's usually because she just doesn't want to.” He paused and for a moment they stood still while he whispered against her hair, “I’ll put dancing on the list of things I can teach you.”   They slowly began to move together. Heat rose within her as he suggestively caressed the base of her spine. She was tempted to push him further by saying, “What else is on the list of things that you want to teach me Frost?” She met his always mischievous eyes with her own knowing he’d heard her thoughts even though she hadn’t said the words aloud. He was never thinking G rated thoughts. His day to day thoughts would never even fall under the realm of Parental Guidance. He towed her along rather suddenly as the song sped up. She was laughing wildly as he began to try to teach her how to two step like there would be some kind of dancing miracle. This of course, proved to be a terrible idea but they were both laughing hysterically by the time the song was finished.    He prodded, “Let’s be serious for a second. Just watch my feet and try to copy what I’m doing. I know you can do it. I’m sure you’ll catch on quickly to almost everything.”    She smiled; he always managed to say something that was open to naughty interpretation. She wanted him to kiss her. The next song was a slow one. She gathered up the guts to tell him what she wanted and just as the words were about to slip from between her lips, Grey swooped in and stole her away.    Before the song was over the lights turned on, bringing with them the harsh glare of two a.m. It was closing time. The moment was lost. They all gathered at the front door of the pub and began their long moonlit walk back to the campsite. Kayn was silently walking beside Frost. Grey and Zach started to sing obnoxiously.    Mel complained, “My feet are killing me.” She took off her heels and massaged her feet.    Grey bent over and said, “Hop on beautiful.” He offered her a piggy back ride.    Lily knit her brow and pouted, “My feet are killing me too.”    Zach smiled, bent over in front of her and comically volunteered, “I will be your mighty steed.”    Kayn watch Lily as she grinned and hopped on his back.   “Do you want a ride too?” Frost whispered in his usual naughty manner.   Kayn stammered, “No. I’m okay. I wore my running shoes.” I wore my running shoes… Why did she always have to be such a dork? She felt like kicking herself for not having an innuendo to say back.    He glanced down at her feet noticing for the first time that she was in fact wearing her running shoes. “You are kind of amazing Brighton,” Frost whispered while still looking at her beaten up running shoes.    She grinned and teased, “I do try.”    The seemingly normal group of wasted teens made it back to their campsite in one piece. She remembered taking off her running shoes and tossing them beside the picnic table. Grey whipped off his shirt and hollered something about the pool. They all followed suit. She could recall the refreshing sensation of the water. She recalled Frost swimming after her singing, “Da, Da... Da, Da.” It was a drunken version of the jaws theme song. He caught her from behind and trapped her against the side of the pool. She recalled the feeling of his thumb hooking the back of her bra strap as he pulled her against him. She felt his breath on the nape of her neck and the overwhelming feeling of wanting something to happen. She extended her fingers on the wet cement and parted her lips as he kissed her neck. She wanted to turn around to face him but he stopped her. He laid his palm flat on her bare stomach and ran one of his fingers just underneath the underwire of her bra in the front. She gasped and arched her back against him.    “You’re killing me Brighton, Frost groaned. “I’m not allowed.”    “Somehow, I don’t see you as the guy that always does what he’s told,” She sparred. She felt him curl a finger around one of her damp strands of hair as he moved it out of the way. He stroked his thumb across the crescent shaped birth mark behind her ear. Then he rubbed her ear lobe seductively between his thumb and fore finger.    He leaned in and she felt the warmth of his breath against her ear as he whispered, “You can’t afford to have me as a distraction. We’ll be friends, I can wait.”    Kayn remembered little after that… 

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