Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funny Happens ;)

Well so I woke up in the middle of the night  January 28th 2009 it was like  4:30 in the morning . I hadn't written a thing in like 10 years ....seriously . I had the strangest dream about being 4 the age of my son at the time . How it felt to do the simplest things ,how incredible it felt .I texted being four into my cell phone beside my bed. This book is being published as I type friends ;)

Crazy I know but it opened a long closed door....I started writing like crazy .The idea for a dating book  popped into my head I was getting over a break up .Keep in mind I never have a normal break up .Or a normal realationship to put it bluntly lol ,every man I have ever dared love ,or had any feelings for has turned out  to put me in          "The Catch and Release Program ". I have had three real realationships what gong shows they turned out to be,Think of your worst case senarios write a list ,and then make them completely crazy , wayyyyyyy far out there crazy .So I decided it was my turn to be in control of my own Catch and Release program. I was going to get over the last one but controlling my own destiny doing a little scientific experiment .I actually made sure to give each guy thier own little nick names no real names were used ;) I  joined every dating network possible ....seriously lol and made sure to give each guy thier own little evaluation , cause they love that lol . If I was having a bad time I had some very funny ways I ended dates . There was only one I wished I had told .but I hadn't run across a single one worthy of telling till then .A  lovely series of worst case senarios, lol yah I know .  Keep in mind if its not funny its not in the book .Well theres no end to this book its sitting  unfinished . Well maybe there is after a year of self discovery I have realized one thing Loving myself again is the key to loving someone else .

Then another Dream,' Stuff About My Mom' This books funny ,cute , incredible and I may have to illustrate this one so my son doesn't get called those funny nicknames all the way through " Being Four," has the most beautiful pictures incredible wow ;)

So I started writing songs again to ...its all come back;)

Then I had the most horrible nightmare  and can you guess what I did ...........wrote it down ;) I'm working on something way out of my box right now ,a thriller

"Sleep Sweet Sleep", Keep in mind I watch horror movies from the kitchen ....The music starts and Kim goes.... I'm thirsty .....I'm hungry.....I need to clean the kitchen ;)

 Its just so good I can't stop writing it ,its like reading it right out of my own head .Its a brain turner lol ... page turner when its all out of my brain that is  . Its an interesting experiance to write something out of my box I'm at that experimenting ,every area to see how far this talent goes.

 I work as a preschool teacher since i was 21  lol I'm 36 now ...that traumatizes me a little ,but I own it .I have earned every bit of 36 lol ,2 kids  Oh pardon  my daughters 14 my son is 5 . I got a teenage girl,  and a 5 year old son at the same time.........See I can feel all the mom hugs right now ;)

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