Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are women

We have children , we are mothers , friends , and lovers. We all have both good habits and bad. We can be shy ,and we can be wild depending on the hour. We are never always right but would like to think its most of the time. We prefer to think of ourselves as survivors of what we've gone through in life not victems. If we are all honest with ourselves we all have guilt over wrong roads but every wrong road still will lead to the right one they are all just detours.Wrong turns , sometimes we all need to go somewhere and scream . It could have been a bad day at work or at home . Well do it then ,dance like your thirteen playing air guitar everytime you get the chance to . Use your hair brush as a microphone again at least once a week . Go down to the water and scream if you need to , or just into your pillow . Allow yourself every mistake as a learning experiance ,actually learn from it . Write a list of every fear and do them .I have spiders and enclosed areas on my list this year . I'm going to hold a big spider and go into a cave. Be who you are not who people think you should be . Remember people who judge are dealing with insecurities of there own thats thier pile not yours. Thats how you live a life without regrets .Starting now .

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