Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stuff About My Mom

The tickle of moms eyelashes on my cheek .

The kisses she gives me when I go to sleep .

The way she walks up and tustles my hair ,and sometimes when shes smiling I just stop and stare.

I smile from the inside out when I get a hug ,and my hand fits perfectly inside hers, fits like a glove.

When I have a bath I get extra bubbles, so I can make a bubble beard.

Mommy and me play with sharks, because she knows only I can control them .

I am the Shark Master.

Mommy lets me wear an eye patch because she knows I’m secretly a pirate, but she says shes not afraid of me .

Mommy belives I really can fly like superman, because I tell her I can.

But she tells me its not safe to fly until I’m an adult, and inside a plane .

She says she just wants me to be safe, because she its her job to protect me .

So I won’t fly until I’m an adult, because I don’t like it when shes upset .

I bring her flowers and even if I pick them right out of her garden .

She says she loves them, hugs me, and acts like its the best surprise in the world .

When I draw mommy a picture she loves all the colors I use .

She tells me I use way more colors than she has ever seen before then says its the best picture in the whole world .

Then she puts it on the fridge so everyone can see it, even if I just scribbled on it because I was bored .

When mommy is outside in the breeze, I can smell her perfume when shes behind me .

I know shes close and I feel safe, knowing shes never far away .

Sometimes when its late at night and I’m sleeping, or pretending I’m asleep.

Because I was really playing cars under the covers and when she came in I hid them .

Mommy tip toes into my room all sneaky, then she leans over and gently kisses my nose.

I feel it but I never let it show, except for maybe a little smile looking like I’m having sweet dreams all the while .

By Kim Cormack

Dedicated to my Cameron the Shark master and Pirate king

copywrite protected ;) By the Pirate Mommy

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