Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wall Monsters and Shopping Carts

My five year old son Cam was kind enough to draw some lovely art all over his bedroom walls last night. He was drawing monsters; full size ones. He even took the time to draw one my feet while I was sleeping. I never woke up! Now that’s talent.

Sometimes when the parental frustration takes over, all you need to do is take a step back to appreciate how funny your child's latest shenanigan really is ;)

The very same day in the line up at Wal-Mart, he realised that the front of the shopping cart could be pushed and lifted (to attach the cart to the other shopping carts when put away). I’m paying for my purchases and he pushes it in, and dives through it.

My innocent flower gets stuck of course. "Mommy, mommy, help me", he screams as he’s pinned between the shopping cart top and bottom. I look down and say in a completely disbelieving tone, “What in the world are you doing Cam”. While other children would stand and wait, my son dives through shopping carts.

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