Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things to do when your bored

1.) Duct tape horns on horses heads so they look like unicorns.

2.)Finger paint on your sleeping friend with self tanning gel.

3.) Dip your chocolate bar right in the giant tub of peanut butter you know you want to.

4.) Wear mask and scare people.

5.) Order pizza ask them where you live.

6.) Have a party only inviting complete strangers. ( act like you know them see how many show up)

7.) Catch ants for an ant farm.

8.) Dance alone in your living room in flippers and the funniest get up you can find in your house.

9.) You tube yourself doing this dance.

10.) Smile and wave at random strangers tally up how many people
( wave back 5 points)
( have a conversation 10 points)
( make plans for lunch or dinner 20 points)
( if they question where they know you from you lose 10 points)
( if you recover by saying names such as Bob, Stan, Glen, Little Willy, be creative add 50 points)
( the best part is you meet a random stranger.You never know they may turn out to be the best friend you have ever had. )


Frank C. Balara said...

#3 - Check.
#4 - Half-check. (Didn't need mask.)
#8 & #9 - Will do if you go first! :)
#10 - I do this all the time without the point system. Now I can play with a friend!!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

This was fun!