Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ways to make yourself cry

Ten ways to make yourself cry

1.) Cover your face with your hands and pull a nose hair out. This works every time. Now if your a girl this may be hard to do (hopefully)

2.) Watch Beaches

3.) Cut Onions ( you will smell like onions not great for shenanigans)

5.) Sniff Pepper (this can be hidden in your hand)

6.) Read your bills any one will do.

7.) Fill out a government form of some kind.

8.) On purposely drive in rush hour traffic.

9.) Step on your computers power bar without saving your work.

10.) Pinch underneath your arms, between your armpit and elbow.

1 comment:

Angeline Kace said...

Hahaha! At first I was like "Why would you wanna make yourself cry?" But then I agreed with all of them.

Angeline Kace