Thursday, May 12, 2011

The winner of the Being Four contest.

What is your most incredible moment as a child.
Enter to win a copy of,"Being Four".
Tell me all about your very first memory as a child, or of a very special memory.
The winner will be picked in one week ;) Good luck friends.
I can not wait to hear your memories ;)

Rachel Cooper said...
Am I the only weird one? Three years old, walking with my mom along a city sidewalk in Winnipeg, and spying an enormous, juicy, pink wad of practically fresh bubblegum at my feet. Woo hoo! Sadly, my mom hustled me along before I could retrieve it. I still remember the feeling of unbelievable luck and delight at spying such a treasure. I get the same feeling today when the birds are singing at sunrise.

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Rachel Cooper said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm tickled to have won. Another blow struck for weirdness.