Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Weeks To Happiness

You may realize that through out your life you may not have always been given what you wanted.
I will be willing to bet if you look back, you always had what you needed.
If someone you loved passed away or left you suddenly you had a child, a pet, family member or a friend. Sometimes even a stranger that managed to light a flame in you that kept that spark going when it seemed like life was hopeless. Inside of you even if your flame was was dull and barely lit for a while. Your light turned back on out of nowhere. One day you got out of bed and life started again.

Once a day write a list of what you love about yourself.
You will be tempted to write about children, friends no just you.
If you can't find anything start small 3 things, then each day add something.
If you write I'm a dork three times thats cheating, but you can write that once its a very endearing quality. Someone out there loves you for being the dork in the group. Someone loves you even if you do not ever have one serious word that escapes your lips and you are always joking. Someone loves you for every little weird thing you do I guarantee it.
So write it all ;)

After you write your list make another little list of ten things you can do in this next two weeks to make someone happy.

examples .... dropping off flowers to random people with you are loved in the card.
carrying groceries, opening doors, picking up items someone has dropped.
Make sure its a reasonable list of things you can actually do because your going to do them.
Make an effort to smile and wave more to strangers.
Watch all you favorite comedy s laughter really is the best medicine.

Maybe you can light that flame inside a stranger, and be that person that randomly gives someone the strength to go on ;)

Good luck and let me know how it goes ;)

Kim Cormack


pictosociety said...

That's very good advice. :)

K. Duane Carter said...

Awesome and through this as we speak...

Plante-Fitch said...

No kidding today I wrote to a friend I was dork. I did. I am one of the dorkiest people I know. Dork is a fun word. And yes---give to others, laugh or die. Thanks Kim.

Kim Cormack said...

Thank you for paying this forward guys ;) xo