Friday, June 10, 2011

A Story for my Daughter Jenna I wrote before she was born

Hills of green and castles of grey.

Rainbows so bright that the rain goes away.

Trees that dance as the wind blows through.

Sand castles , waves, and innertubes.

Puffy white clouds spread across the sky.

They look pink, and purple just before night.

Stars that sparkle and shine at sleepy time.

Dreams that come true.

Hugs and kisses from mommy to you.

By Kim Cormack May 1995 ;)


Anita Grace Howard said...

That's just precious! I'll bet she loves that mommy wrote that for her.

Thanks for finding me on twitter! You have a lovely blog/site. :)

C.J Duggan said...

I second that! great blog, I also followed you from Twitter! Thanks for the follow.

If your in the hood?

Kim Cormack said...

Awe thanks you guys ;)