Monday, November 28, 2011

Evil Poop Flinging Geniuses

  I will have to admit that this bunny adventure that I embarked upon with my children is turning out to be extremely expensive.
  Three bunnies in a giant cage inside of my house is actually not the brightest idea that I have ever had.
  However cute they are there always seems to be randomly migrating poop.
  The poop somehow migrates out of the bunny room on a daily basis. The bunny poop can migrate to the couch in the living room and my  children's bedrooms apparently all by its self.
 Keep in mind these bunnies are pimped out bunnies.
 These bunnies have kitty litter to poop in bedding and all the treats that their little heart’s desire.
  I clean the cage every day so how is it possible to find stray random bunny poop around the house.
 Of course the children swear that they have never taken the bunnies out of their cages unattended.

 Could it be possible that my innocent flowers are not telling the truth?
 How can this be when they look at me with those innocent eyes and say no I have not taken the bunnies out of their cage into the living room.
  Is it possible that the bunnies are evil poop flinging geniuses?
 These bunnies so sweet, soft , and innocent  are evil poop flinging masterminds.
 They must be because my children would never lie to me ;)
 Not an innocent face like this ;)

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