Monday, December 19, 2011

Things to do when your feeling bored during the holiday season

 Things to do when you’re feeling bored during the Christmas holidays, or any other time of the year.
1)      Sing,” I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” while shopping...loudly.
2)      Have a fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant and make paper airplanes and origami swans out of the wrapping from the chocolates at the end of your meal. (did it )
3)      Fly them in the restaurant.
4)      Fly them at the table next to you.
5)      Explain to the waiter in great detail about your plane making skills. (did it)
6)      Tell the telemarketer a story that you heard about diet potato chips causing anal leakage, and refuse to let them sneak a word in.
7)      Hand the phone to a four year old little girl and tell them this man wants to hear all about what you want for Christmas.
8)      Just repeat the word yes to the telemarketer, after a while he will become concerned.
9)      Give a stranger a hug.
10)   Bring flowers to a random doorstep.
11)   Throw a Twinkie over the top of the isle while shopping, just one it won’t hurt anyone, it’s like a Nerf ball.
12)   Go around the store putting strange random ...possibly inappropriate things in peoples carts. (that one sounds awesome)
13)   Wrap inappropriate gifts for people in your family with only the receiver not the givers name.
14)   Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
15)   Actually go carolling.
16)   Call people and sing Christmas carols.
17)   Change all the words of a Christmas carol to make a funny you tube video.
18)   Visit a random person at a retirement home.
19)   Bring a present to a retirement home.
20)   Play a game of tag.
21)   Play hide and seek.
22)   Do not tell anyone that you are playing these games and just play them.
23)   Jump out and yell surprise to scare someone, maybe a member of your family.
24)   Dare yourself to do something cool like bungee jumping or zip lining before the end of next year.
25)   Go through this list and do every single thing I dare you. ;)

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