Sunday, December 6, 2015

My little world

October to December 2015

Book signings and other fun stuff in my little world.

Some cool Children of Ankh memorabillia. A few book signings and award nominations for the first two books in the series. It's been a fun couple of months.

                Book signing at Artemis Books

                  It was crazy hair day for Cam's school the day before the book signing ;)





                                                   Mental note...practice reading in public



It's the beginning of December, and I'm close to finishing book three in the series, "Let There Be Dragons." I can't wait to share the third book in the series with the world. It's been so much fun to write. This year book two, "Enlightenment was released in February and the first book in the side series, "Wild Thing, "was released in August.

Next year be ready for Book three in the main series,  Let There Be Dragons

The first book in the Brothers of Prophecy side series,  Beautiful Disaster

A little something extra for the Children of Ankh series fans,  Bring Out Your Dead

I'm also going to release a few Children of Ankh series novellas. I know after reading Wild Thing and falling in love with the other Dragon of Clan Ankh. Some of you are waiting for more to read with Lexy of Ankh as the main character and I aim to please.

XO Lot's of Love

Kim Cormack 

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