Monday, March 22, 2010

Shark Boots By Kim Cormack

It was one hour before dinner ,and I couldn't find anything fun to do .

I asked to go outside and play , because I had been bored all day. My mom got down on one knee and looked me straight in the eyes and said , "No shenanigans" .

I knew what that meant it meant to behave myself .

I smiled my most innocent smile grabbed my shark boots and said ,"I promise I will behave".

So I put on my boots and they are shark boots , the shark boots make me ferocious.

My shark boots have a mind of their own , they are really very dangerous . I try to control them but I'm only a little boy.

I ran out the back door , they saw a puddle and its not my fault that sharks love the water.

They spotted a big mud puddle they just couldn't help themselves , they said "Rowwrrrrr"' and they jumped right in.

There was a problem the puddle was a little deeper then they expected.

Those crazy sharks they got me all wet and muddy all the way up to my knees.

My mom was going to be so mad at them , but since I was already wet , and they were already in trouble I decided it was okay to let them have some fun.

So they jumped back in again this part of the mud puddle was even deeper , and those two sharks made me trip with all their shenanigans .

I fell with a giant , "Sploosh". Those sharks got me wet , all the way up to my belly button because those sharks were just so happy in the water.

I figured it would be okay because they got me all wet through no fault of my own . That laying down in the puddle and swimming with the sharks would be fine .

They already got the bottom of my shirt wet with their shark shenanigans , how often does one get a chance to swim with actual sharks.

I laid right down in the mud puddle , and we swam together . All of a sudden somebody was coming , we could hear the crunch , crunch , crunch of their shoes in the alley way.

The sharks said we had to hide , because I was the only human that was allowed to swim with them . The only one on the whole planet . They would have to eat anyone else who tried.

They said ,"Duck down quick and hide before they see us or we will have to eat those people." I didn't really want to be responsible for them eating that nice grandma and grandpa pair

walking down the alley so I ducked right down . They said ," Go under the water hide they can still see you ", so I did.

When the couple passed by I had saved them from a horrible shark attack .

I covered my face and hair with mud so nobody would be able to see us. They wouldn't have to eat anyone ever again.

I saved all the people in the whole wide world by hiding that long in the puddle . I was beginning to prune up . I hate when I get pruney fingers it feels creepy.

I told them I had to get out , so they suggested we hide in the grass. I picked a million pounds of grass and put it right on my head .

I could hide in the yard without becoming all pruned up. It was like being in the shark army waiting for a mission.

"Time for dinner, come inside and wash your hands," my mom called me in to eat dinner. I don't know about the sharks but I was pretty hungry from all that swimming , and saving people from being eaten.

"Coming mom",I yelled and ran to the front door. I slipped a few times those shark boots had water in them I bet they were trying to sneak some water inside.

I stood at the front door covered in mud , soaking wet , and a grass wig on . My Mom was standing in the doorway looking at me with her mouth open all she said was ,"Why....How".

I told my Mom everything that the sharks made me do . She stripped me down for a bath , then helped me into the bath tub. I asked if the shark boots could come into the bath tub , you know how sharks love to swim .

My moms eyes got really big and she said ,"Not if they were the last shark boots on the planet." My mom muttered something about throwing them out under her breath I said ,"Do not even joke about that they will bite you right on the hand ," I thought it was only fair to warn her.

My mom raised one eyebrow and began to scrub me with strawberry shampoo. I liked this kind it wasn't stingy on my eyes.

I gave her a playful splash of water and accidentally soaked her whole face and hair . She looked very unhappy and told me she was hanging on with her very last thread .

Then she picked me up out of the tub , and dried me off . She grabbed the nice smelling powder she uses on me , while she twisted the top I squeezed the bottom and a big cloud of powder blew up in my moms face.

She had a wet face from my splashes , it all stuck to her. Then the alarm went off ," Oh no dinner ,"she yelled in a high pitched voice. My mom unplugged the water got up and ran to the kitchen.

I felt really bad , those shark boots had caused my mom a lot of problems today I felt like I should help her out." Oh yah the shark boots were still dirty I could clean them all up she would be so happy with me."

So I grabbed the shark boots , turned the tap on them the mud and water sprayed everywhere . So I grabbed some towels and shirts from the laundry basket to clean it up .Good thing my Mom had just done all that laundry.

My Mom walked into the bathroom , I had cleaned up all the mud from the shark boots with her clean clothes , I hadn't cleaned myself. I was all dirty again from the muddy shark boot water that had sprayed from the sink .

She looked like she was going to cry ,she looked up at the ceiling and said,” Help me to be patient".Her eyes were full of tears as she slid down to the floor with her back against the wall. My mom put her hands over her eyes and started to sob quietly.

I stood there for a minute watching her , then I knew what to do . I picked up my shark boots , walked over , snuggled right into her and said ,"I love you more than my shark boots Mommy we can throw them away if you want to ".

She looked up at me softly held both sides of my face with her hands , she smiled through her tears and said ,"Never."


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